How Do We Describe a Car’s Condition?

When we look at a car we classify it according to the standards below. When we describe a car to you this is what you can expect to receive:

Near New:

Mileage is well below average for year. Car has no significant flaws and has obviously been pampered by its owner. Interior looks new. Engine compartment looks almost new. Trunk looks new. Spare tire has probably never been mounted. Tools and accessories are all present. Car has been maintained but may be due for service now. Service history is available.

Extra Clean:

Usually has below average mileage for its age. Car has no significant exterior flaws. Car is free of significant scratches or dings. There may be a few small chips at door or hood edges, but none that require bodywork. Overall appearance is near new. Interior shows very little wear. Under hood area shows little or no weathering from winter use. Tools and first aid kit — if supplied — are probably present. Car has been maintained but is probably due for its last major service. Service history is usually available.


Has average mileage for its age. Car has very few exterior flaws. May have a few small defects in paint — small dings or scratches (less than $200 each in repair cost). Shows very little wear in interior. Under hood area is clean but may show weathering from winter use. Trunk is clean and free of damage. Tools and first aid kit — if supplied — are probably present. Car has been maintained but is probably due for its last major service. Service history is usually available.


Has average mileage for its age. The vehicle probably has small flaws — door dings, chips, scratches — on several body panels. Shows slight wear in interior as befits mileage and age. Usually shows some discoloration and/or wear on floor carpets. Under hood area is dirty but shows no signs of damage. Trunk is dirty and may have some damage to carpet or liner. Tools and first aid kit — if supplied — are often missing. Car has received some maintenance but records are not complete.


Mileage is average or high for age of vehicle. Vehicle shows significant wear both inside and outside. May have damage to one or more body panels or interior. Some accessories may be broken. Condition is that of a typical five-year-old car on the road in most American cities. Car has received some maintenance but is generally neglected and records are missing or incomplete.

JE Robison Service does not buy cars

in less than Clean condition. Our mission is

to buy the best cars at fair prices for our clients.

Other vehicle condition items we may tell you about…

These are conditions that may or may not cause us to reject a vehicle, and we feel the buyer should be aware of:

Previous paint work:

This means one or more panels have been repainted. When looking at cars more than three years old this applies to most vehicles — they either have damage that needs repair or they have been repaired. We will tell you which panels, and will tell you the quality of the work. If the quality of repainting is such that it is obvious we will reject the vehicle without calling.

Paint work does not mean accident damage. Paint work is repair of small dings, scratches, chips, and the like. It does not involve panel replacement. Good quality paint work is not usually grounds for JE Robison Service to reject a vehicle unless specifically directed by our client.

Needs paint work:

We may find a vehicle that fits your criteria but has one or more damaged (scratched or dinged) panels. If you agree, we might attempt to purchase that vehicle at a lower price than we would pay for an undamaged unit. JE Robison Service has facilities to repair such damage prior to customer delivery.

Previous body work:

This means the car has had some sort of accident repair. The damage was not serious but might have involved replacement of a bumper, fender, or door skin. We would reject such a car unless the repair was of a very high quality and an expert could only detect the work. JE Robison Service avoids buying such vehicles but may do so upon customer approval.

Previous frame repair:

The car has been in a fairly serious accident and has required frame or sub-frame repairs. JE Robison Service does not normally buy such cars, as they are likely to give trouble.

Keys, manuals, and accessories:

Unless specifically announced prior to purchase, JE Robison Service does not guarantee the existence of extra keys, manuals, small tools, first aid kits or other removable accessories in cars we buy. We do try our best to obtain such items when they are not found in the vehicle but it is not always possible. Of course, any such items can be purchased separately from our parts department.