JE Robison Service Department information

• Hours of operation
We are open for pick up and drop off from 7:30AM to 5:15PM Monday through Friday. There is a key drop in the first garage door for after-hours drop off, and the parking area between the building and the street is lit 24 hours a day.

• After hours pickup
By prior arrangement cars may be left for after-hours pickup with keys in a safe location. Otherwise, all vehicles visiting JE Robison Service overnight are secured in one of two fenced enclosures or within the building.

• Complementary shuttle service
We offer a complimentary shuttle service for customers in the Springfield area dropping off cars before 9AM or returning between 4 and 5PM. Pick up and delivery and courtesy rides at other times should be arranged as needed with our office.

• Pickup and delivery of cars
Local pickup and delivery are available. There is no charge for pickup in the Springfield area; a small hourly charge applies for greater distances. Enclosed transport is also available at extra cost. Our local service area includes Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties in Massachusetts, Windham county Vermont and Hartford county Connecticut. 24-hour towing in these area is also available by calling (413) 785 1665 and following the prompts. Towing and pickup from other locations is available and should be scheduled during regular business hours.

• Forms of payment
We accept Discover, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and our own Bosch credit card. Personal or business checks are subject to verification by an electronic processor.

• Labor charges and rates
Labor rates at JE Robison Service range from $59 per hour to $149 per hour, depending upon the type of service performed. Most general service is performed at a rate of $119 per hour. Some specialized services are billed at the higher rate, while restoration labor may be billed at a lower rate. Body and trim repairs are billed at lower rates as are cleaning and detaining services. Most labor at JE Robison Service is charged on an “actual-time-worked” basis. That is, you are charged for the time our technician actually spends working on your car rather than a standard guidebook time. Labor for certain common services such as oil changes or brake pad replacement is charged on a “flat-rate” basis. This means you are charged a fixed amount for the service no matter how long it takes.

• Warranty information
As an authorized Bosch Service center, all Bosch Automotive Electric, Electronic Fuel Injection and Diesel Fuel Injection repair parts are covered by Bosch 12 month unlimited mileage warranty. If there is a problem with such a part you can obtain warranty service here or at any authorized Bosch Car Service center in the United States. For more details visit this Bosch web page.

All new and rebuilt mechanical repair parts — including rebuilt engines, powertrain components, electronics, and other components — sold and installed by us are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles from the date of installation. Your vehicle must be returned to JE Robison Service for performance of any warranty repairs. If such a part proves defective we will replace it at no charge to you.

• Warranty Information continued
Repair parts are defined as parts of the vehicle that are not serviced or replaced on a periodic basis. Examples of repair parts are: alternators, brake calipers, power window motors or drive shafts. Consumable parts are not warranted because their service life is generally dependent upon other components of the vehicle. Examples of consumable parts are: oil, air filters, brake pads, spark plugs, and windshield wiper blades. Consumable parts do have manufacturer warranty against defects at the time of installation, and certain consumable parts such as batteries and tires have special manufacturer warranties. Contact your service advisor for details on such warranties. Your vehicle must be returned to Robison Service for performance of any warranty repairs.

Adjustments, cleaning services, or repairs to existing components are excluded from warranty. Trim and accessory items are not warranted by us, but may come with manufacturer warranty.

Used parts sold and installed by us are installed with 30-day “parts-only” warranty. That is, we will exchange the part if it proves defective but you will be charged labor for installation of the replacement. Your vehicle must be returned to Robison Service for performance of any warranty repairs.

• Vehicle storage
Vehicles left for service and picked up within seven days of completion will not be assessed storage charges. Storage charges up to $35 per day may, at our discretion, apply to vehicles left at JE Robison Service for extended periods without prior arrangement. In addition, $35 per day storage charges will apply to wrecked or damaged vehicles stored on our premises while awaiting insurance settlement. Long-term storage is available at reasonable monthly rates for customers who will be away for prolonged periods. Contact our office for details.

Long-term storage is billed by the calendar month (no fractional months). Indoors is $210/month; outdoor fenced-in lot is $150/month. Long-term storage rates only apply when advance arrangements are made. Vehicles abandoned here or waiting for insurance pickup will be charged $35/day. NOTE: Our long-term storage is in a separate location. If your vehicle does not run or is not registered there will be extra cost to move vehicle to and from storage. Preparation for storage, reconditioning and clean-up are billed at regular shop rates.

•  Insurance information
All vehicles under our control are protected by a Massachusetts Garage Liability insurance policy from Travelers. If our employees damage your vehicle while it’s in our custody, you’re covered. Our workers are also fully covered while working on your car, test driving it, or picking up or delivering.

We do our best to make sure nothing happens to customer cars, but there are some things we can’t cover.

We are not responsible for acts of God or the actions of others. Specifically, we are not responsible for damage to your car from weather or storms. We are not responsible for damage to your car or property if broken into by criminals, provided we take reasonable precautions to safeguard it.

When cars are in storage there is always a risk of damage from rodents, freezing, water leaks and weather. Many of those things may be covered by your car’s comprehensive insurance. Be sure your car is insured when you store; our garage does not assume responsibility for cars parked within.

When picking up or dropping off we are not responsible for any damage sustained in the publicly accessible parking areas near our building unless the damage is a result of our own actions.