SAMPLE Purchase to Order Agreement

J E Robison Service Co Inc •  347 Page Boulevard, Springfield, MA 01104 (413) 785 1665
Sales of Fine European Vehicles


Buyer: Danielle Putnam
87 Old Sudbury Road
Cambridge, MA 02141
Sale date(s): July 22-Sep 20 2017
Auction location(s): Manheim, PA

Phone: 123 456 7890

Deposit received: $4,000
Maximum bid: $54,000 max total cost

Description of vehicle to be purchased: 2014 Range Rover Sport. Want 20-inch wheels. Colors: black, navy, champagne, silver.

Definition: This is an agreement between JE Robison Service Co Inc, 347 Page Boulevard in Springfield, Massachusetts 01104 (hereafter referred to as JE Robison) and the buyer listed above. It is understood and agreed that buyer has engaged and authorized JE Robison to purchase a vehicle for buyer’s use. It is understood that the final cost of the subject vehicle will depend upon price paid by JE Robison Service plus any service required, and cannot be fixed in advance.

Process and costs: It is understood that this vehicle is to be purchased at the auction(s) specified above on the date(s) shown above. After reviewing the auction choices, JE Robison’s appraiser will discuss offered vehicles with buyer prior to bidding, and bid according to buyer’s direction. The general guidelines furnished by the buyer are shown above. The buyer understands and agrees that the vehicle cost will be determined as shown below. Initial here only ______ if JE Robison is authorized to bid without contacting you first.

  1. Cost of the vehicle on the auction block (bid) including the auction’s fee (generally $500 to $900 depending on block price);
  2. JE Robison agent’s fee — the greater of $1000 or 6% of the block price;
  3. Shipping costs from the auction to our company (varies by distance), and (if applicable) shipping costs to you if you do not pick the car up in Springfield;
  4. Any service or repair necessary, in JE Robison’s judgment, to render the vehicle safe and usable for a period of at least 90 days or 3,000 miles following delivery to the buyer.
  5. Any cleanup, service, or addition of accessories such as telephones, floor mats, etc. which buyer may direct or approved by buyer.

Payment: In the event a vehicle is purchased, customer agrees to pay JE Robison the sum of the balance of items #1–5 above, not later than four days prior to delivery.

Sales taxes due: J E Robison is required to collect Massachusetts 6.25% sales tax on vehicle sales prior to delivery. Buyer is responsible for payment of this tax plus any additional tax that may be due in the buyer’s home state.

Warranty on vehicle purchased as a result of this agreement: Buyer understands that any manufacturer’s warranty will be transferred to him without fee. Buyer understands that the vehicle will be otherwise covered at no additional charge by the Massachusetts Used Car warranty for a term defined by statute. Buyer authorizes JE Robison to perform any service or repair necessary, in their judgment, to ensure compliance with this warranty. Buyer understands that any service or repair performed prior to delivery will be at buyer’s expense, and the cost of such service cannot be determined in advance of vehicle purchase.

Default of buyer: In the event the buyer fails to pay for the vehicle as described above, and no other arrangements satisfactory to JE Robison are made, it is agreed and understood that the vehicle may be resold by JE Robison. It is further agreed and understood that any loss between the sum of items #1–5 above and the net sale price will be deducted from buyer’s bid deposit. The remainder of the buyer's deposit will be refunded.

Cancellation/expiration of agreement: In the event no vehicle is purchased by the agreement expiration date, the buyer may renew the agreement or the bid deposit will be returned. If the buyer cancels this agreement within 60 days JE Robison may, at its option, deduct a reasonable fee for travel and phone expenses of up to a maximum of $500.

The laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts govern this agreement. JE Robison Service Co. Inc. is a Massachusetts corporation and a licensed Massachusetts motor vehicle dealer.

Accepted and understood, as of this day ______ ____, ________

_____________________________ ____________________________
JE Robison Service Co Inc