At JE Robison Service we are equipped to service any Bosch automotive system on any car

JE Robison Service is the authorized Bosch Car Service Center for western Massachusetts. As a Bosch Car Service Center we help motorists with these problems:

General maintenance, service and repair with genuine Bosch parts

As a Bosch service center we can service your car with correct quality parts from Bosch. Bosch is a leading supplier of such diverse parts as spark plugs, wiper blades, batteries, and fuel injectors. In many cases we can offer clients a choice between Bosch parts, OEM parts from the car maker, or other quality aftermarket and performance pieces. We are happy to discuss tradeoffs between price, quality, and performance – particularly if you have specific requirements like performance driving, commuting, or off-roading.

Repair of fuel injection and engine management problems

Almost every car in the world drives with fuel injection and engine management components designed or built by Bosch. Our technicians are backed by a powerful arsenal of test tools, documentation, training, and factory support. If you have a fuel system or engine management problem, we have the solutions.

Repair of difficult electrical problems

Bosch is the world’s largest manufacturer of automobile system components. Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen, Volvo and every other European carmaker use Bosch electrical components. We are equipped to service any Bosch electrical system on any car.

Modern cars have very complex electrical systems, with many interconnected computers, data busses, and even fiber optic links. The days of repairing electrical problems with a screwdriver and a test light are long gone. Today’s technicians use state of the art computer test systems that are integrated with Bosch repair databases to troubleshoot and repair even the toughest problems. Don’t risk damage to the computer systems in your late model car - call the specialists at JE Robison Service.

We can program engine control units and other computer components. We can repair CAN bus problems on European cars that leave dealers stumped.

    Your European car probably has a number of Bosch electronic systems, including:
  • Blaupunkt radio, in-car entertainment, and navigation systems
  • Engine management — Motronic, Jetronic, and others
  • Antilock brakes — ABS — even including Sensotronic braking
  • Electronic stability control — ESP, DSC, and others
  • Transmission control
  • Starters and alternators
  • Windshield wipers
  • Airbag systems — SRS and next generation SRS
  • Vehicle security systems
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Fans, blowers, and motors
  • Relays and switches
  • Wire harnesses including CAN bus systems in Mercedes and other cars
  • Spark plugs, wires, and other ignition components

If your car has sustained damage from an electrical fire or meltdown, your repairs may be covered by comprehensive insurance. We are equipped to evaluate electrical system damage, and we are experienced at working with insurance adjusters to identify points of coverage. We will resolve your problems in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Warranty repair of Bosch systems on new or used cars

All Bosch system repairs performed by JE Robison Service are covered by nationwide parts and labor warranty good at any authorized Bosch Car Service center.

Bosch is the world’s leading supplier of engine management, electrical, fuel, and brake system components. We are able to service any Bosch system, regardless of the vehicle’s age. If your vehicle is covered by manufacturer new car warranty and you have a problem with a failed Bosch system we can provide warranty service for you. If you have a used car, and you installed Bosch replacement parts, we can provide warranty service for those parts also. If you purchased Bosch parts from us or another Bosch Service Center any warranty will cover both parts and labor. If you purchased Bosch parts from a Bosch Parts Specialist or mass marketer warranty is parts-only.

Questions and answers about Bosch Car Service

What is a Bosch Car Service center?

The Bosch Car Service centers — BCS — are the brightest stars in the automotive service world. We have been recruited by Bosch to represent the company in our market areas. Each of us is required to meet the highest standards for technical capability. Our facilities are first-rate, with comfortable waiting rooms, clean restrooms, and neat workshop spaces.

Why would I use Bosch Car Service instead of the dealer?

The most complex systems in today’s cars are designed and manufactured by Bosch. The computers, sensors and actuators that control engines, transmissions, brakes, airbags, and suspensions… all those systems are Bosch innovations. As the direct representatives of the manufacturer we are in a unique position to support these systems when service is needed.

As authorized representatives of Bosch we are equipped to handle warranty on any failed Bosch system, should the need arise. In addition, your manufacturer warranty on your late-model car will be protected whenever you use authorized Bosch Car Service to take care of your vehicle.

Our service is available to anyone who needs more than what’s available from their local dealer… more personalized attention… more ability to solve tough problems… more access to technical support to get answers to tough questions.

Does Bosch Car Service cost more?

Often authorized Bosch Car Service costs less! The biggest problem today is finding people with the skills to fix your car right. Our people are the most skilled in the industry. Often we’ll find and fix a problem in just a few hours, where less skilled service personnel are still scratching their heads and experimenting a few days later… which approach do you think will be more cost effective?

We now offer the Bosch Service Credit Card

We're excited to present our new Bosch Service Credit Card to our loyal customers. This could be exactly what you are looking for when paying for your automotive repair at participating Bosch Car Service. Special financing is available.


$299 Minimum purchase required. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within 6 months or if you make a late payment.

*MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS REQUIRED. Applicable to purchases made January 1 through December 31, 2017. APR: 22.8%. Minimum Finance Charge: $1.00. CFNA reserves the right to change APR, fees and other terms unilaterally.

Does Bosch have a website?

Yes. The Bosch websites are:
Bosch Car Service
Bosch Corporate

Where does our technical training come from?

Our technicians travel to Bosch training centers in Broadview, Illinois and Daytona Beach, Florida. Our Bosch regional service representative makes regular visits to our company. And we receive training materials via mail and the Internet every month.

Our technicians are backed up by Bosch tech support in Broadview, and if they can’t answer a question we get the answers from headquarters in Germany.

We are also supported by a nationwide network of Bosch service personnel with whom we have regular online forums and conferences.

Do we service Bosch appliances and power tools?

No, we don’t. Visit the Bosch Tool or Bosch Appliances website.