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Land Rover service schedules

For Rovers that are run off-road or in water or mud

I am often asked what sort of maintenance is required for Land Rovers used off-road. Here is a checklist. For those who wish to learn more I recommend Land Rover's official publication "Working in the Wild - a Manual for Africa."

Every two months or 2,000 miles,
or after any major off-road adventure
  1. Use a power washer to remove mud from the underside, paying particular attention to the frame rails, the area around the fuel tank, the wheel hubs and brakes, the spray areas behind each wheel, the rocker sills, and anywhere mud can be seen to be packed.
  2. While the vehicle is on a lift check carefully for any undercarriage damage - dents, tears, or other problems.
  3. If the vehicle has been treated with Waxoyl check for any coating damage. Spray cans are available for touch-up of scraped, abraded or worn areas.
  4. With vehicle on a lift check all wheel hubs for free play. Roll wheels and check for roughness in bearings.
  5. Check shocks and suspension members for damage.
  6. Check all under car lines and hoses for damage. Check metal pipes for twist or crush and check for stretch or tear marks in rubber lines.
  7. Check tires for damage, paying particular attention to the inboard sidewalls, which are not visible from beside the vehicle.
  8. Turn steering lock to lock and check for binding or evidence of damage.
  9. Change engine oil and filter.
  10. Drain a small sample of oil from transmission, transfer case, and axles. If milky fluid is seen (evidence of water contamination) drain and flush. If fluids are clear check level. If dirty, change fluid. Make sure breathers are clean.
  11. Check and top all other fluids - power steering, brake fluid, coolant.
  12. Grease prop shaft u-joints. Lightly grease Class III receiver if so equipped.
  13. Lube all body hinges and fittings.
  14. Check operation of door locks, handle, and windows.
  15. Check operation of all seat belts.
  16. Use a power washer to make sure radiator and AC condenser fins are clear. Inspect for impact damage or leakage.
  17. Make sure differential lock works, make sure lever moves freely, and lubricate linkage so it stays free.
  18. Oil hood release cable and latches. Oil throttle linkage.
  19. Check belts and hoses.
  20. Check oil coolers (engine and transmission) and pipes for leakage or damage.
  21. Check operation of parking brake and service brakes.
  22. Check battery and make sure connections are clean. If the vehicle is equipped with a winch check high power wiring for corrosion and chafing.
  23. Make sure engine breather is clean.
  24. Remove air filter, blow out or replace, and make sure filter box is clean before assembly.
  25. Check fuel sediment glass on diesel vehicles. Check clutch on standard shift vehicles.
  26. Remove wading plugs and drain excess water. Refit plugs securely.
  27. Lift engine and check mounts for damage
  28. Road test vehicle and watch for problems while driving.
  29. Check recovery equipment and check recovery points. Check all hardware
  30. Check suspension hardware for tightness
  31. Check wheels for proper lug torque; remove wheels and make sure hubs are lubricated and free of corrosion.

Service schedule notes - 2003-2005 Range Rover
We suggest changing the oil at 10,000 miles rather than the 15,000 specified by Land Rover because we have seen damage from sludge with the longer intervals in "real life." 15,000 miles may be fine under controlled conditions but we feel it's pushing the envelope and the motorist is the one who pays if engine damage results.

Oil filters for a BMW 740 may be used in this engine if Land Rover filters are unavailable.

We suggest changing the "permanent" transmission fluid at 100,000 miles. No matter how good the fluid is, it will not last forever, and it carries an ever-increasing load of wear particles until it is flushed out.

It is important to use the correct blue coolant in these engines. If no Land Rover coolant is available coolant can be bought from any BMW dealer.

J E Robison Service Co Inc of Springfield, Massachusetts, is an independent business that specializes in the sale and service of used Land Rovers. We are not an authorized Land Rover dealership, we do not sell brand new Land Rovers and we are not otherwise affiliated with, originating from, sponsored by, or approved by Land Rover in any way.

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